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Sasha Yung

Porn Star Name: Sasha Yung
Real Name: Raquel Ann Sasha Chiu
Birth Date: September 29, 1990

Raquel Ann Sasha Chiu is a retired Asian Porn Star that went by the stage name of Sasha Yung during her career. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1990.

Sasha Yung has worked with various production companies including: Joey Silvera Productions, SCORE Group, and White Ghetto.  She is known for her teen school girl looks and petite Asian figure.

Sasha studied at California State Bakersfield and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has lived in San Francisco,  San Mateo, and Bakersfield, CA.

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Sasha Hollander

Porn Star: Sasha Hollander, Sasha H.
Real Name: Teresa Palac Dioquino
Date of Birth: 12/31/1986

Teresa Palac Dioquiono is a retired Asian porn star that went by the stage name of Sasha Hollander. Teresa was born on December 31, 1986 in Torrance, California.  Her ethnic heritage is Filipino.

She is by all means a porn star.  She started out as a model and nude model, and finally entered the world of hardcore porn at the end of 2007.  Her first scene was with T.J. Cummings.  She’s done over 100 scenes since 2007.  She has appeared in about 20 or so porn movies over her career. She has appeared on many adult websites including CumFu, Glamour Models Gone Bad, Lethal Interracial, Muffia, and more. This Philippine born sex machine does it all when performing, including interracial, anal, creampie and just about everything else.

Teresa had goals from the beginning of her porn career about becoming more famous than Jenna Jameson.   Although she never quite aspired to that lofty status, she has embraced her porn stardom and continues on into 2017 with her brand.   She is married to a male in the industry who supports her goals of her desires to become wealthy and the most well known Asian porn star of all time.

She writes on her Facebook page of her famous grandparents, one who worked for the Marcos Regime.   It’s a pretty interesting read:

Sasha currently owns a house in Riverside, California with her mother.   She has lived in Carson, Moreno Valley and Riverside, California, and in New York City, New York.   She currently resides at 4505 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169 Las Vegas, Nevada.




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Sakura Scott

Porn Star Name:  Sakura Scott

Real Name:  Megan D. Dougherty
Date of Birth:  September 14, 1986
Megan Durwin Dougherty, also known as Megan D. Doucherty, or Megan Tapang is an Asian American Porn Star that went by the name Sakura Scott on camera. During her career she used other stage names that included:  Amy Ayumi, Sakura, Sayuri, and Tammy Harper.
Sakura Scott started in the porn industry at age 19 in 2006.  Different sites on the internet have her performing anywhere from 2 to 6 years in the industry. She filmed over 25 videos before leaving the industry.    
Sakura was born in Japan, but her father is Caucasian American and her mother is Filipino.  Her Facebook page uses the word mestiza which is a Filipino word. She currently resides in McCall, Idaho. She has lived in the past in Boise, Idaho, Glenburn, ND, and in various cities in California.
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Shai Lee

Stage Name:  Shai Lee
Real Name: Evalyn Marquez Willis-McInnes
Date of Birth: June 14, 1981

Evalyn Marquez Willis-Mcinnes is a retired Philippine born porn star that went by the stage name of Shai Lee. Shai was born in Subic, Batangas, Philippines, and later moved to the United States with her family. Over a 2 year period from 2004 to 2006 she made around 23 porn videos.

One of her first scenes was with fellow Filipino porn star Arcadia in a hot interracial anal foursome with porn legend Sean Michaels and Tee Reel.   Arcadia was a bit more seasoned at this time, and primed her ass with different dildo’s and her fingers in order to take Tee’s big black pole   Arcadia also eats her pussy and asshole out, and Shai returns in the favors doing the same.   Shai does the unthinkable eating both Teel and Sean’s assholes during the scene.  The two studs blow their load into Arcadia’s mouth and she swaps the pop with Shai, who eats both load of cum.  Great second scene. 

She was 23 years old at the time when she shot her first porn videos.  She weighed around 103 pounds, but gained weight near the end of her career.  Her scenes would only get more aggressive and she would go beyond her limits in her scenes including double penetration.

Shai currently lives in Abilene, Texas. Before that, she lived in Van Nuys , California from 2000 to 2006. She attended Royal High School in Simi Valley, CA and graduated class of 2001. Shai is retired from the porn business and married with children.

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Shai Lee’s second scene swapping and swallowing the pop with fellow Asian Arcadia

Sabrine Maui

Porn Star Name:  Sabrine Maui

Real Name: Mary Grace Dar, Grace Lomibao Dar

Date of Birth: September 24, 1980

Mary Grace Dar is a retired Asian Porn Star that goes by the name of Sabrine Maui.   She is of Filipino descent, born in the Philippines and then moving with her family to the United States in her early years. 
Her career in porn spanned almost the entire decade between 2000 and 2010 doing over 144 porn movies to her credit. She is a legend in the industry that usually spits out talent in a very quick fashion.  She made quite a name for herself doing scene after scene with a very sensual manner about her scenes.    
Married to Don Fernando for quite some time, and then divorced, Sabrine was that Filipina porn star you knew would treat her man right.  Her cock sucking skills were out of this world, and that tiny little Filipino frame looked so good sitting on a huge cock.    She met Don in her early years of porn, doing a scene with him then falling in love with him.
She currently lives in Menifee, California with her husband and two children.  



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Stephanie Thai

Stage Name:   Stephanie Thai, Stephie Thai, Stephy Thai
Real Name:  Capella Campomayor, Capella O. Campomayer
Birthdate:  12/1/1982
Stephanie Thai, or Stephie Thai, or Stephy Thai is a 40 plus year old retired porn star, who graced the big screen doing a hand full of porn videos from 2005 to 2006. She is a slender bodied Pinay with a tiny frame who loved a big dick.  Her porn career gave this ambitious young Asian beauty a way to pay for her Masters Degree, and continue her life outside of porn. 
She is by far one of the more intelligent porn stars, born in the Philippines, attending the University of the Philippines, before moving to the United States in or around 2003/2004.   She did a hand full of scenes between 2004 and 2006, which helped her pay her way through graduate school earning her MS in Bio-statistics from UCLA by the time her porn career was complete.  She is now an analyst with a major US Corporation living and working in Los Angeles, California.  
Stephanie starred in a handful of porn videos in 2005 and 2006.  Among her titles were:  Asian Slut Invasion 4, Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 2, Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2, and Little Miss Innocent 2.    She made the smart move of getting out of the business, where others during that time like Lana Croft, Annie Cruz, Lucy Thai and others continued on their quest for porn stardom. 

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