Stage Name:  Mia Park, Mia Parks, Mia Asian
Real Name:  Mala Soeun
Date of Birth:  August 31, 1985

Mala Soeun is the real name of Asian Porn Star Mia Park.   She was a sexy full bodied Cambodian American porn star that filmed a handful of movies from 2003 to 2005.   She was one of those beautiful and sensual young Asians that you wish just kept on making movies.

During the early 2000’s, Randy West and TT Boy were making their porn series. Mia did the Asian Street Hooker series with TT Boy and Up and Cummers 124 with Randy West.  Other than those two scenes, she was filled with black cock in alot of hot interracial fuck videos.  

She was a submissive type of porn star, hot overly aggressive, letting the man ravage her in many scenes.  She drank cum, kissed, and let the men take control during the scenes.  

She currently resides in the Los Angeles area and has not done porn for a good 12 years now.  Our research shows her at one time living in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Atlanta and now living in Lake Elsinore, California.  She is married with two children and is detached from the porn industry.  

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