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Jasmine Leih

Porn Star:  Jazmine Leih

Real Name: Jeralyn Erum Young,

Jeralyn Bande Erum

Date of Birth: 09/19/1982

Jazmine Leih is a Philippine born porn actress.  Her real name is Jeralyn Young.  She sometimes goes by the names of Jlyn Young, Lyn Young, Jeralyn Erum Young and Lyn Young.  Her maiden name is Jeralyn Bande Erum.   During her porn career she went by the alias names of:  Jazmine Leigh, Jasmine Leih, and Jasmine Lieh.

Jazmine started in porn in 2006 and did a number of shoots between 2006 and 2010.  She has done escorting in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for years.


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Jackie Lin

Porn Star Name: Jackie Lin, Ka Lee
Real Name:  Lisa Vaniese Phabmixay
Alias:  Lisa Lam, Lisa Barnes, Lisa Herr, Vannalisa Phabmixay
Date of Birth: April 13, 1976

Lisa Phabmixay, aka Vannalisa Phabmixay, Lisa Lam , Lisa V Herr , Lisa V Lam , Lisa V Phabmixay is a Asian Pornographic Actress that went by the name Jackie Lin and Ka Lee during her career.   Lisa was born in 1976 to Laotian parents.  She entered porn later in life at the age of 33.  She has been active in the industry ever since.

She has made over 20 porn videos during this time and has made a niche for herself in the Asian MILF and Asian Massage porn genre.  She has a TIGHT body and a fantastic personality, always smiling and very into the sex on screen.  She is tiny little Asian treat that is well known for smile and energy on film.  

She was originally from Virginia, but now resides in Fayetteville, Georgia.  


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Jayden Lee

Porn Star Name:  Jayden Lee
Real Name:   Michelle Tatiana Laventure
Date of Birth:  April 5, 1993

Michelle Tatianna Laventure is an Asian American Porn Star that goes by the name of Jayden Lee.   She is of Guatemalan and Vietnamese descent.   Michelle attended Catholic school during her childhood when she lived in the San Francisco area.  Self proclaimed “boy crazy”, Michelle was a bad girl in high school.  After moving to Fairfield,  California.  Michelle attended Vanden High School and graduated in 2010.   

She married at 19 years of age.  As a gift to her ex (now divorced), she wanted to take sexy pictures. She didn’t get nude, but did get erotic in front of the camera.  She had a falling out with her first photographer, and ended up shooting with other photographers.  That’s how she was introduced to the porn business.  

She was modelling with Model Mayhem.  Then one of the photographers asked her if she wanted to make more money.  She finally accepted it and flew to the Florida and did an anal scene (first time ever) on camera. 

Through 2016, this dope smoking porn star had over 86 scenes porn scenes filmed through 2016.  She is by all accounts a true porn star.   She has entered into the escorting business, where she can capitalize on her porn star stardem.   She currently, as of 2017, has a page at the Luxury Companion as pictured below.

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Jayden Lee’s first scene – does anal for the first time
Jayden Lee Exclusive Interview Part 1

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Jayna Oso

Stage Name:  Jayna Oso
Real Name:  Shauna D. Leake, Shauna Leake-Graner
Date of Birth:  August 17, 1981

Shauna Leake is a Brunei born Porn Star who goes by the name Jayna Oso.  Jayna moved to Hawaii with her parents at a very young age.  She was raised in Hawaii and graduated from Wayland High School in 1999.  A couple of years later she was working in the porn industry making movies. After porn she graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  
Jayna has a small frame, small breasts, but wide hips.  She loved to be fucked, and very early in her career she started doing very hardcore porn shoots.  She did everything from DP to Anal DP, which is probably the most extreme you’ll get on video.  Her career spanned from 2002 to 2011, shooting more than 95 titles and more for websites.  In all, Jayna is a porn legend for the extreme and lengthy career in the industry.  New Sensations made a box cover called I Love Jayna.
Our records show that Jayna Oso is currently retired from the business and owns her own catering company in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii.   Shes a Vegan, self acclaimed beach bum and a nature lover. 
Jayna appeared during her career under these other stage names: Jana Oso, Malaysia, Melasia, Malasia, Malaysia, Malasah and Jayna.  


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