Stage Name:  Asia, Ms. Asia, Asia Rain
Real Name: Dalavone Keobandith
Date of Birth: April 12, 1986

Dalavone Keobandith is an Asian Porn Star that goes by the name of Asia.   She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is part Thai, Cambodian, and Laotion.   During her hey day in porn, she weighed only 103 pounds having a 36b-25-32 frame.   She did over 175 films during her career and is a well known porn star in the 2000’s.   

She started filming porn in 2004 and fucked her way through 175 videos until 2012.  On screen she was submissive, but yet had that tiger mentality when she got a hold of a big dick.   She’s made a huge name for herself in the world of porn by just her breadth of work alone.  Asia did everything from double vaginal, anal, cream pies, lesbian and swallow during her career.  With over 175 films during her career, this girl is a porn legend.   She’s fucked and sucked her way through many of the main porn producers and porn stars during her career. 

As of 2018, Asia was still escorting and her profile is listed at Top Escort Babes


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