Kristara Barrington

Kimberleigh Karol Morgan

Kimberleigh Karol Morgan is retired Asian female pornographic actress Kristara Barrington. She is also known as: Kimberleigh M Caner, Kimberleigh Karol Caner, Kimberly K Caner, Kimberleig K Caner, Kimberleigh K Sandoval, Kim K Caner, Kimberlei K Caner, Kimberleigh K Morgancaner, and Kimberly Sandoval. We were able to match her birthdate on IMDB website with her profile on Also, her listing on her and account showed over 18 different names/identities. According to, she attended high school at Crystal Lake Central High School in Crystal Lake, IL from 1981 to 1983. She has lived in Whittier, Long Beach, Sunland and Los Angeles, CA; and Crystal Lake, IL.

During her career starting in 1983, she used the following stage names: Kristina Barrington, Kim Barrington, Kistara Barrington, Krista Barrington, Kristina Barrington, Kris Tara, China Lee, Kimberly Wong, Kim Morgan, Mai Nuygen, Mai Tai, Christie Barrington, Christine Barrington, Chi-Chi Ling, and Kim Warner.

Date of Birth:

  • November 22, 1965

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