Scarlett Ventura

Porn Star: Scarlett Ventura

Real Name: Amelia Ventura Nayoan

Date of Birth: 11/19/1986

This big Asian ass belongs to Scarlett Ventura. Her real name is Amelia Nayoan and she lives in the Los Angeles, California area.  Find out more about her social media accounts, addresses and more at the Asian Porn  Star Database.

Amelia Ventura Nayoan is retired Asian Porn Star Scarlett Ventura. She goes by the names: Amelia Nayoan, Amelia V. Nayoan, and Amelia Ventura Nayoan.

Amelia starred in a handful of adult movies shot in 2006 and then vanished from the business. She graduated from Reseda High School in Reseda, California in 2004. She is now a hair stylist working in the Los Angeles, California area. She has lived in Reseda and Northridge, California.



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Current & Recent Addresses:

  • 7527 White Oak Ave Reseda CA 91335
  • 324 N Maryland Ave Glendale CA 91206
  • 9716 Crebs Ave Northridge, CA 91324-1912
  • 7527 White Oak Ave Reseda, CA 91335-3339
  • 17171 Roscoe Blvd #118A Northridge, CA 91325-4052


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