Brenna Sparks

Porn Star: Brenna Sparks

Real Name: Salina Xaysittiphone

Birth Date:  02/02/1992

Salina Xaysittiphone is an Asian American Porn Star of Laotian descent who goes by the stage name of Brenna Sparks. Salina goes or went by Salina Xay, and did modelling prior to porn. She has lived in Las Vegas, NV, Upper Darby, and Milbourne, PA, Chicago and Northbrook, IL, and Glastonbury, Hartford, Seymour, and West Hartford, CT.

As of June 2019, we show her profile in GFEDATING.COM as an escort in the Las Vegas, NV area. Her page still is up on website, but she is not on the main page.

We also show an address of 7227 West Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV as a place of residence. We also see that Salina owned and operated websites and the website were listed to the same address. It is possible that this was only the listed location and was not the physical location of her address.


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