Pornstar Name: Katsuni, Katsumi

Real Name: Celine Joëlle Tran,
Joelie C Tran

Date of Birth: April 9, 1979

Celine Joelle Tran is Asian Porn Star Katsuni, aka Katsumi.

Celine Tran, also known as Celine Joelle Tran and Joelie C. Tran, is a retired French/Vietnamese Pornographic Actor that went by the stage names of Katsuni and Katsumi during her adult movie career. She started in the business in 2001 thru 2013, becoming one of the hottest Asian porn stars on film. She is known for her energy and sexuality during her hardcore performances.

She has performed in over 400 pornographic videos during her career and has won countless number of AVN Awards.

It was hard to find out where Celine exactly lives. We have found a Celine J Tran living in Malibu, Woodland Hills and Canoga Park, California. We cannot confirm the addresses or locations where she has lived at this time. She was born in Lyon, France.




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