Jasmine Leih

Porn Star: Jazmine Leih, Jasmine Leih

Real Name: Jeralyn Bande Erum

Date of Birth: 9/19/1982

Jeralyn Bande Erum is Asian Porn Star Jazmine Leih, aka Jasmine Leih.

Jazmine Leih is a Philippine born porn actress.  Her real name is Jeralyn Bande Erum.  She has gone by the name of Jeralyn Erum, Jeralyn Young, Jlyn Erum, Jlyn Young, Lyn Young, and Jeralyn Erum.  She entered the porn industry in 2006 and did around 40 scenes through 2008. She went by various stage names including: Jazmine Leih, Jasmine Leih, Jazmine Leigh, Jasmine Lieh, and Jazmine Lieh.

She was very active in the Las Vegas Escort scene during and after porn. She shows up on escort sites in Honolulu, Hawaii as well. She was married living under the name Jeralyn Young up until 2017. She has either divorced or separated and is now with a new boyfriend in Honolulu. She currently lives at: 430 Keoniana Street Apt. 407, Honolulu, Hawaii. She has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Nevada and Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Chula Vista and San Diego, California.


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