Month: August 2017

Alex Dane

Porn Star Name:  Alex Dane
Real Name:  Coralin Ann Bloye
Date of Birth:  December 3, 1968

Coralin Ann Bloye is a retired Asian Porn Star by the name of Alex Dane.  She went by various names during her career including:  Alexis Maganda, Dela Cucchi, Alexandria Dane, Alexis Dane, Alexia Dane, Alexus Dane, Alex Dayne, Susie Ng, Magenta, Loni, Abalonia, Apolonia, Appolonia, Lonnie, Maganda.

This Filipino / Hawaiian mixed porn actress started in porn at the age of 25 in 1994.  She spent the next 13 years in hardcore porn videos starring in over 181 titles.  Near the end of her career in 2008, she was starring in many MILF themed videos.

Coralin has lived in Santa Monica, Laguna Hills, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, and Laguna Beach, California during her years on the west coast. She graduated in 1984 from Carver High School in Montgomery, Alabama, where she currently resides. 



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Alina Li

Porn Star Name:  Alina Li

Real Name:  Chichi Zhou

Date of Birth:  September 8, 1993

Chichi Zhou, is a retired Asian Porn Star that went by the name of Alina Li.  She started porn in 2013 and filmed through 2016, when she abruptly retired from the industry.   She is one of the hotter Asian porn stars to ever fuck on video.

Chichi was born in China, and immigrated with her family to the United States. Her parents divorced at age three, and she spent her childhood moving around the east coast with different aunts and uncles.  She went to high school in Burlington, Vermont, where she graduated in the class of 2013 from South Burlington High School.  Two months later, she would be filming porn in the San Fernando Valley.  Here is her interview that tells all at her first porn shoot in 2013 (Interview with Alina Li)

She has lived in Burlington and Milton, Vermont.  She has also lived in Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills, California.  From 2014 to 2016, the porn obviously helped pay for her college.  She attended Santa Monica College during this time.   Her Facebook page shows she has joined groups that include a UCLA Student Transfers group, so most likely she is finishing up her college days at UCLA.

Chi Chi Zhou currently lives at: 4471 Ventura Canyon Ave Apt. D-109 in Sherman Oaks, CA.  She used to live at: 6130 Nevada Ave Apt. E-203 in Woodland Hills, CA.

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Class of 2013 South Burlington High School

Alina Li graduation video here at the Asian Porn Star Database
Chi Chi Zhou, aka Asian Porn Star Alina Li graduates from South Burlington High School (Class of 1983).



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Alina Li’s profile in November of 2013 at