Mia Rider

Porn Star Name: Mia Rider

Alias: Alexis Lee, Mia Ryder, Alexis Monroe, Kim Monroe

Real Name: Kimberly Kwon

Date of Birth: 11/08/1982

Kimberly Kwon is retired Asian Porn Star Mia Rider, aka Mia Ryder, aka Alexis Lee, aka Kim Monroe.  Find out more about her real name, current address and social media accounts at the Asian Porn Star Database.

Kimberly Kwon is retired Asian Porn Star Mia Rider. During her career in the adult business she had many alias names including: Mia Ryder, Alexis Lee, Kim Monroe, and Alexis Monroe. She is currently retired from the industry.

Mia was a late bloomer starting in porn around the age of 28 or 29 in 2010. Born of Korean parents, and growing up in South Carolina,

For an Asian porn star she has natural large breasts.   She was immediately cast as an Asian MILF for many production companies.   Her large breasts, innocent look, but fiery fucking skills gained her success throughout her career.  She has tattoos behind her neck and on her ankle.

From 2010 until 2017, this sexy Asian porn star made quite the impression in the Asian porn niche doing over 78 scenes spanning the last 7 years. During her career, Mia has worked with many notable adult production companies like Elegant Angel, Jules Jordan, Letal Hardcore and Vivid.

She has lived in: Lawrenceville and Atlanta, GA as well as Los Angeles, CA.






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