Sasha Hollander

Porn Star: Sasha Hollander, Sasha H.
Real Name: Teresa Palac Dioquino
Date of Birth: 12/31/1986

Teresa Palac Dioquiono is a retired Asian porn star that went by the stage name of Sasha Hollander. Teresa was born on December 31, 1986 in Torrance, California.  Her ethnic heritage is Filipino.

She is by all means a porn star.  She started out as a model and nude model, and finally entered the world of hardcore porn at the end of 2007.  Her first scene was with T.J. Cummings.  She’s done over 100 scenes since 2007.  She has appeared in about 20 or so porn movies over her career. She has appeared on many adult websites including CumFu, Glamour Models Gone Bad, Lethal Interracial, Muffia, and more. This Philippine born sex machine does it all when performing, including interracial, anal, creampie and just about everything else.

Teresa had goals from the beginning of her porn career about becoming more famous than Jenna Jameson.   Although she never quite aspired to that lofty status, she has embraced her porn stardom and continues on into 2017 with her brand.   She is married to a male in the industry who supports her goals of her desires to become wealthy and the most well known Asian porn star of all time.

She writes on her Facebook page of her famous grandparents, one who worked for the Marcos Regime.   It’s a pretty interesting read:

Sasha currently owns a house in Riverside, California with her mother.   She has lived in Carson, Moreno Valley and Riverside, California, and in New York City, New York.   She currently resides at 4505 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169 Las Vegas, Nevada.




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