Envy Mi

Porn Star Name: Envy Mi, Envi Mi

Real Name: Vidalia Caridad Cabagua

Date of Birth:  12/04/1977

Vidalia Caridad Cabagua is retired porn star Envy Mi at the Asian Porn Star Database.

Vidalia Cabagua is a retired Asian Porn Star that went by the stage name Envy Mi.   Envy Mi was born in 1977 in Salano County, California.  Her fathers last name is Cabagua and her mothers last name is Santiago.   She is of full Filipino descent.

She grew up in Vallejo, California where she went to grade school at Cave Elementary School.  Her family moved to Danville, California where she attended Athenian High School, where she later graduated.   She spent two years at the University of Michigan attending college in Ann Arbor from 1996 to 1998.

Her brief stint in college prepared her for the porn industry.   An ex boyfriend of Vidalia’s old college roommate posted in a 2011 blog “started off as a really quiet girl in college but then she started screwing all kinds of guys. She even got double teamed by a couple of guys on the football team.” Her sexual appetite in college prepared her for the porn business, which she entered in 2000.  Her career spanned 9 years from 2000 to 2009 with over 90 porn videos credited to her name.

She currently lives in California. 


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