Kina Kai

Porn Star Name: Kina Kai
Real Name:  Rolyne Maneclang
Date of Birth: September 2, 1983

Rolyne Bobina Maneclang or Lyne Bobina Maneclang is a Philippine/American porn star that used the stage name Kina Kai.   Her career spanned from 2001 all the way through 2010.   She used many aliases during her career including Elle, Kai, Kina, and Kina Tye.   Her first seen was with ATK Petites using the stage name Elle.  

During her 8 year stint in porn, she amassed over 91 video credits to her name. She received breast implants midway thru her career, which helped boost her to Porn Star status filming with many of the top porn producers in the valley.   She’s done everything from boy/girl to girl/girl, threesomes, and later in her career did the BDSM circuit. 

Rolyne is now retired from porn.  She owned the Clinique Spa Boutique in San Diego, California, but it went out of business.  The internet shows that Rolyn has live in Lansing, East Lansing, and Flint, Michigan. It also shows her living in Temecula, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Murietta and Playa Del Rey, California.  She currently lives in San Diego, California.  Her facebook page shows her with 1 child and a steady boyfriend.

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