Lana Violet

Porn Star Name: Lana Violet
Real Name: Karenjan Agmata Pascual
Date of Birth: June 29, 1988

Karenjan Agamate Pascual is a well known Asian porn star that goes by the stage name of Lana Violet.  Lana, self proclaimed nymphomaniac before entering porn, first started in the business in 2008 at the age of 19.  She fucked for nearly 2 years straight, until an injury from her profession forced her to retire.  She quit the industry for a year to pursue other interests.    

Life outside of porn wasn’t so hard for Lana, but she always yearned to get back into the business.  She would used “fuck buddies” as sexual partners, calling over friends to fuck to relieve her urges.  At 23, she got back into the business in 2009, and started fucking again on camera.   She has been doing porn now into 2016, and loving it.  She has done over 100 scenes in the industry, and there’s no stopping this horny Philippine American porn star.

Karen is now certified in Yoga and teaches Yoga professional in the Orange County area.  She still escorts, working for both the Pamela Peaks agency as well as her information being on the Luxury Companion Website.  

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Lana Violet fucks two old geysors when offered the opportunity

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