Sakura Scott

Porn Star Name:  Sakura Scott

Real Name:  Megan D. Dougherty
Date of Birth:  September 14, 1986
Megan Durwin Dougherty, also known as Megan D. Doucherty, or Megan Tapang is an Asian American Porn Star that went by the name Sakura Scott on camera. During her career she used other stage names that included:  Amy Ayumi, Sakura, Sayuri, and Tammy Harper.
Sakura Scott started in the porn industry at age 19 in 2006.  Different sites on the internet have her performing anywhere from 2 to 6 years in the industry. She filmed over 25 videos before leaving the industry.    
Sakura was born in Japan, but her father is Caucasian American and her mother is Filipino.  Her Facebook page uses the word mestiza which is a Filipino word. She currently resides in McCall, Idaho. She has lived in the past in Boise, Idaho, Glenburn, ND, and in various cities in California.
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