Porn Star:  Loni, Loni Punoni

Real Name: Ahleli Coleen Wolf

Date of Birth:  July 16, 1977

Ahleli Coleen Wolf is a well known Filipino American porn star that went by the stage name of Loni.   Loni, also known as Loni Punoni, was born in the Philippines and lived in Saipan, until her teens years where she was brought to the states by her parents.  

Loni started her career in 2002.  During that time frame, Loni filmed over 190 videos.  She retired from the industry in 2007/2008, leaving behind a lasting legacy for Asian porn lovers to enjoy. 

Loni has lived in Minot and in Minot AFB, ND and in Sheppard AFB, TX. She currently lives at 5473 S Jones Blvd, APT 1020 Las Vegas, NV 89118-0548.  



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