Bella Ling

Stage Name:  Bella Ling
Real Name: Irene Leung Chan, Yrene Chan
Date of Birth: 1986

Yrene Chan is a retired Asian porn star that went by the name of Bella Ling on screen.   She started in the porn business in or around 2008 and shot 15 or so videos thru 2009.  She is of Chinese and Venezuelan descent.

Yrene lived in Venezuela for 8 years, before moving back to the United States. She entered porn in her early to mid 20’s, filming 15 or so videos.   She graduated from UCLA, so the porn job obviously helped put her through school. She has lived in Woodland Hills, Encino, Northridge, and San Leandro, California, as well as Medford, Oregon.

Her birthdate on other porn sites shows July 15 of 1983, but the data on sites like Spokeo, US Search and other sites show that she was born in 1986. 

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