Mia Park

Porn Star:  Mia Park, Mia Parks, Mia Asian

Real Name:  Mala Soeun

Date of Birth:  August 31, 1985

Mala Soeun is retired Asian Porn Star Mia Park, aka Mia Parks, Mia Asian.  Find out more about her personal life at Asian Porn Star Database.

Mala Soeun is the real name of Asian Porn Star Mia Park, aka Mia Parks and Mia Asian.   She sometimes goes by the name: Mala Seoun, Marla Soeun and Nive Qure.

Mala Soeun was a Cambodian American porn star that filmed a handful of movies from 2003 to 2005.   She did the “Asian Street Hooker” directed by TT Boy, then did “Up and Cummers 124” with Randy West.

She currently resides in the Los Angeles area and is retired.  Our research shows she has lived in Los Angeles, California and in Atlanta, GA. She is married with two children.



  • 1659 Mohawk St #8, Los Angeles, CA 90026


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