Stage Name: Arcadia, Arcadia Davida
Real Name:  Melinda Miralpis Soriano
Date of Birth:  November 3, 1982

Gorgeous Filipina Porn Star Arcadia getting banged.

Arcadia Davida, or Arcadia first started in the porn business in 2004.  By porn star standards, Arcadia had a pretty solid career, working for over 7 years in the industry, and doing over 65 movies.  For most porn stars, that’s an incredible career.   She’s is now retired.

Her longevity can be associated with her good looks, small frame, and insatiable appetite for anything sexual.  She had that presence in front of the camera, where you knew that she loved giving sex and receiving it.

This Philippine born porn star took the cock anyway she could get it.  She filmed everything from double penetration scenes to girl girl to wild Oriental Orgy’s. Her ability to fit those big black cocks in her tight Asian pussy transformed her on screen.   Her eyes would role back in her head when she came.   She’s an incredible performer and loved the sex.  

Arcadia was born in the Philippines, and moved to the Los Angeles, California area at an early age.   She has lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area and the Los Angeles, California area.  

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