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Stage Name:  Asia, Ms. Asia, Asia Rain
Real Name: Dalavone Keobandith
Date of Birth: April 12, 1986

Dalavone Keobandith is an Asian Porn Star that goes by the name of Asia.   She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is part Thai, Cambodian, and Laotion.   During her hey day in porn, she weighed only 103 pounds having a 36b-25-32 frame.   She did over 175 films during her career and is a well known porn star in the 2000’s.   

She started filming porn in 2004 and fucked her way through 175 videos until 2012.  On screen she was submissive, but yet had that tiger mentality when she got a hold of a big dick.   She’s made a huge name for herself in the world of porn by just her breadth of work alone.  Asia did everything from double vaginal, anal, cream pies, lesbian and swallow during her career.  With over 175 films during her career, this girl is a porn legend.   She’s fucked and sucked her way through many of the main porn producers and porn stars during her career. 

As of 2018, Asia was still escorting and her profile is listed at Top Escort Babes


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Ariel Sweet

Stage Name:  Ariel Sweet
Real Name:  Eami Ugalde Balisi Fletcher
Date of Birth: 

Eami Ugalde Balisi is a Asian porn star who goes by the stage name of Ariel Sweet.  By our accounts, she only did one scene during her short career for Grooby’s website Asian American Girls.  Ariel is retired from porn, married with children, is college educated and now works for Caesars Gaming in Las Vegas, NV.  


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Mia Park

Stage Name:  Mia Park, Mia Parks, Mia Asian
Real Name:  Mala Soeun
Date of Birth:  August 31, 1985

Mala Soeun is the real name of Asian Porn Star Mia Park.   She was a sexy full bodied Cambodian American porn star that filmed a handful of movies from 2003 to 2005.   She was one of those beautiful and sensual young Asians that you wish just kept on making movies.

During the early 2000’s, Randy West and TT Boy were making their porn series. Mia did the Asian Street Hooker series with TT Boy and Up and Cummers 124 with Randy West.  Other than those two scenes, she was filled with black cock in alot of hot interracial fuck videos.  

She was a submissive type of porn star, hot overly aggressive, letting the man ravage her in many scenes.  She drank cum, kissed, and let the men take control during the scenes.  

She currently resides in the Los Angeles area and has not done porn for a good 12 years now.  Our research shows her at one time living in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Atlanta and now living in Lake Elsinore, California.  She is married with two children and is detached from the porn industry.  

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Myla Montez

Stage Name: Myla Montez
Real Name:  Hannah Cornejo Paculan
Date of Birth:  July 21, 1991
Height: 4’11
Measurements: 34a-23-34 
Weight: 92 lbs

Hannah Cornejo, or Hannah Paculan, is a Filipino born porn star that goes by the stage name of Myla Montez.   With a tiny little body only weighing in at 92 lbs, this hard fucking little Asian only made 7 or 8 movies during her career.  We wish she made more.

Like most Filipino porn stars, Myla is a kind young lady, but when the camera’s are rolling, she became a sexual juggernaut.  She did many more Interracial scenes during her short career, with lots of Black on Asian fuck scenes.  She loved the cock and really got into the fucking on camera.  She was definitely not shy of sex.   There were other titles that came out in 2010 through 2013, but were not sure if those were scene shot during her time in porn, or scenes that were put together years later.

She currently resides in Cathedral City, California and is currently retired from porn.

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Lana Croft

Stage Name: Lana Croft, Lana Laine, Luna Croft
Real Name: Lilaine B. Camu, Lainey Camu
Date of Birth:  February 25, 1985

Lilaine B. Camu, aka Lainey Camu, is a well known Asian porn star of Filipino decent by the name of Lana Croft.   She is in all accounts an industry veteran, doing more than 74 videos over a stellar 7 year career.   She first entered porn in 2005, going by the name of Lana Laine.   She did the usual beginners route through porn legends like Ed Powers in one of her first scenes.  And slowly got more involved, doing porn scene after porn scene to make a name of herself. 

This 5 foot 1 inch slender young porn star with Filipino heritage knew exactly what to do with a big dick in front of the cameras. Her work ethic and overall sensuality helped get her noticed by big name porn producers in the Valley.  She did videos for Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, Red Light District, Voyeur Media, New Sensations, Metro, Jules Jordan and Evasive Angels.  Her work included everything from anal, squirt, facial, lesbian, cum swapping, double penetration and interracial.

She currently resides in the Los Angeles, California area.  She is single and works as a Realtor in Brentwood, California.  She recently got back into porn in January 2018.  See her booking information here at Ideal Image Modeling –

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Gianna Lynn

Stage Name: Gianna Lynn
Real Name: Julie Ann Morabe Anapol
Date of Birth:  November 23, 1984

Gianna Lynn is a American/Philippine Porn Star whose real name is Julie Ann Morabe Anapol.  She is a retired full bodied Filipino, who at her prime in the industry weighed around 125 pounds.

Gianna is of mixed Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino descent, born in the Philippines and moving to the United States at the 4 years of age.  Her parents settled in the San Fernando Valley area. She grew up attending Baptist school, but that didn’t help much with keeping her on the straight and narrow.  At age 17 she lost her virginity.  One of her first jobs out of high school was with a mortgage company, where a co-worker/girlfriend handed her a business card of a porn agent.  After some coaxing, she decided to enter the porn career to help payp her tuition to attend business school.  As of 2017, she currently works as an insrance agent for a company in Woodland Hills, California.

Her career started in 2005 and ended sometime around 2010.   She sucked and fucked her way through over 100 films during her career.  Around 43 of those videos were Asian themed.   Later in her career she received breast implants that enhanced her porn star power and career.   She is well known for her longevity and her big round butt that was filled from time to time with one or more cocks.

During her career she worked for the likes of Wicked, Vivid, VCA, Hustler, Digital Sin, New Sensations, Zero Tolerance, Adam & Eve, and Red Light District.  She was nominated several times for AVN awards but never won.  She was on an episode of Miami Ink in She currently resides in Ventura, California.

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Stage Name: Arcadia, Arcadia Davida
Real Name:  Melinda Miralpis Soriano
Date of Birth:  November 3, 1982

Gorgeous Filipina Porn Star Arcadia getting banged.

Arcadia Davida, or Arcadia first started in the porn business in 2004.  By porn star standards, Arcadia had a pretty solid career, working for over 7 years in the industry, and doing over 65 movies.  For most porn stars, that’s an incredible career.   She’s is now retired.

Her longevity can be associated with her good looks, small frame, and insatiable appetite for anything sexual.  She had that presence in front of the camera, where you knew that she loved giving sex and receiving it.

This Philippine born porn star took the cock anyway she could get it.  She filmed everything from double penetration scenes to girl girl to wild Oriental Orgy’s. Her ability to fit those big black cocks in her tight Asian pussy transformed her on screen.   Her eyes would role back in her head when she came.   She’s an incredible performer and loved the sex.  

Arcadia was born in the Philippines, and moved to the Los Angeles, California area at an early age.   She has lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area and the Los Angeles, California area.  

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Annie Lee

Stage Name: Annie Lee
Real Name:  Maureen Champaheuang
Date of Birth:  February 15, 1987

Annie Lee is an Asian Porn Star who starred in 13 or so porn movies from 2009 to 2013.   She is best known for having a sister, Abbie Lee, who was also in the porn industry around the same time.   

Like all the other Asian sister porn duo’s, Abbie and Annie did a three-way fuck scene with French porn star Manuel Ferrara.  Manuel did a good job trying to get these two to get a little bit more wild, but it just wasn’t meant to be.    

The information we have on Annie shows she lives and or lived in the Fresno, California area, prior to moving to Santa Rosa, California. It shows that she now lives in Roseville, California.   In or around 2015, she was working and living in Santa Barbara (per the twitter account posts).   Recent pictures shows a vast change in her appearance. Perhaps photo shopped, but she has had her hair color changed and her features look different from those images we saw in her early years doing porn.

Annie got a round a bit in the industry.  In her short two or three years in the porn industry, she filmed for companies like Hustler, Muffia, Naughty America and Nasty Dollars.  Annie was affiliated with The Luxury Companion, a high end escort service.  There were posts on Rain Coat Reviews that suggest that Annie and her sister Abbie did a sister sister escort gig, charging $1350 and hour for their services.   Reviews point to Annie having an apartment where she did incall business in Studio City, CA.   We cannot confirm this information, but her profile had not been taken down as of 03/11/2017, and was still on the Luxury Companion Website.  

 Annie Lee in Fresh out of High School

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 Annie Lee gives a rub and tug at Happy Tugs
Annie Lee gives her customer a massage to remember

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Amai Liu

Stage Name: Amai Liu
Real Name: Stephannia Albertson
Date of Birth: February 8, 1990

You just have to love that squeaky little voice when Amai Liu is bent over and fucked by a big dick.  Whether it’s white or black, it doesn’t matter, she’ll take all dicks and in all shapes and sizes.   

Although many online porn sites report Amai Liu as being from the state of Hawaii, we cannot confirm this.   We do know that we have found two records that indicate that Amai attended school in Hawaii, but also in New Jersey.  Our best guest is that she owns a house outside of the Philadelphia area in Merchantville, 

Stephanna Albertson is her real name, but she has used other alias names in the past like Stephanna Alberton and Stephanna Kim.  She also uses the alias Stefana, Stephania or Stephanie Albertson.   She has used these alias porn star names throughout her career:  Amai Wong, Miss Amai, Pashpalata, and Tiny Tabby.  She is one of the tiniest porn stars to the grace the stage, only 4 foot 10 inches and weighing around 79 pounds on a full stomach. 

Amai is known for her earlier work as Tiny Tabby, but has done all kinds of hardcore work including allot of fetish and interracial work.  She also does webcam work every now and then.   When she’s getting that big dick in her tiny hole, her nipples stick out erect, one of her known trademarks.  

Amai has been in the business since 2008, and still works as of 2016.  Her Facebook page paints a picture of a 27 year older who is fairly open with her porn star career.    If you love tiny porn stars, then Amai is your piece of cake. 

Amai has live in Pennsauken and Merchantville, New Jersey.   

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Stage Name: Miako
Real Name: Cyreel M. Dignos, Cyreel M. Pavlovic 
Date of Birth: June 21, 1982

  Cyreel Mi Amor Lustre Pavlovic aka Miako

Miako is a Philippine born porn star from Davao, Philippines. She came to the United states when she was 22 years of age.   She entered the porn business a couple years later in 2008 and did a hand full of videos. 

Like most Asian porn stars, Miako is a tiny little thing, weighing no more than 90 pounds, petite, slender with an appetite for warm cum and hard cock. She did everything from Mr. Chews Asian Beaver to hardcore BDSM shoots to private shoots. Her demeanor on film was tame compared to other porn stars, but she was a willing participant in the sex in all of her videos. 

In 2015, Miako was arrested in Cuyahoga County for Illegal Manufacture/Cultivation of Marijuana, Trafficking offense, Drug Possession, and Possessing Criminal Tools. The case was dismissed in March of 2016. Her husband, who also was involved with another party, ended up pleading guilty to three counts of a Minor in Nude Material or Performance, and the drug charges were dropped.She was able to leave court with $5000 cash in hand and her Audi car, while her husband took the brunt of the hardship. You can click here and enter the case number – CR-15-600611-C

Miako’s Movie Archive

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Miako fucks a big white dick at Little Brown Fucking Machines


Miako is an Asian American Porn Star
Miako’s arrest in Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Records