Month: January 2017

Kya Tropic

Stage Name:   Kya Tropic
Real Name:  Beverly Ann Bagares
Birthdate:  December 25, 1988



Kya Tropic is a retired Asian porn star of Filipino descent whose real name is Beverly Bagares.   Her career spanned 3 years from 2009 to 2012.  She was known for a number of Interracial Black on Asian scenes during her career, as well as her fantastic cock sucking ability.  She has those chipmunk like teeth, and those luscious Pinay lips that wrapped around cock with ease.  She could throat with the best of them.

She was also noted for her robust body, including curvy fatuous features, and large breasts that were fun to watch in her scenes.  


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Rosemary Rodeva

Stage Name:   Rosemary Rodeva
Real Name:  Lamour Niggl
Birthdate:  June 3, 1989


Rosemary Rodeva is an tiny 5 foot 3 inch Asian Porn Star weighing only 90 pounds. She is slender 100% Indonesian hottie that started out in porn in or around 2011/2012.  She is since retired from the industry, but can be seen using her real name L’amour Niggl as a car photo model.  She is a graduate of Redlands High School in Redlands, California and has lived most of her life in the San Bernadino County area.   Her birth place is in Makassar, Indonesia.

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Ariel Rose

Stage Name:   Ariel Rose
Real Name:  Chynna Anne Victa
Birthdate:  September 28, 1988

Ariel Rose is a half Filipino and half Portuguese porn star. She was born on September 28, 1988.  Her real name is Chynna Anne Victa.  She is 5 foot 4 inch tall, slender with a petite frame.  She graduated from Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006.  A few years after graduating, she shot her first porn video in 2010. 




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